Employment Opportunities

At M A Orchards we rely heavily on seasonal workers from around our area and beyond. Between November through to May we have plenty of job opportunities in a number of different roles around the orchard. Experience is preferred but not essential, as full training will be given before starting at your respective role.

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Producing Orchards

Orchard staff are paid by hourly or contract, we reward thorough and consistent work ethics. Full training will be given before starting at your respective role, all you need is a positive ‘can do’ attitude.

April – July

Work available for tree training and winter pruning from end of April for up to 3 months. Must stay for 1 month minimum. 

Orchard Development (July – November)

This involves a number of tasks that include physical labour, machinery operation and working on mechanical planting machines. Once the trees are planted irrigation and trellis construction are completed before tree tying and training starts. There are a number of tasks each requiring certain attributes from staff so please apply to find out if we have a suitable position for you.

Thinning (20th November – 20th December)

Thinning is removing small fruit and excess leaves from the trees to help the remaining fruit grow and colour up. This is done mainly in December and is a very popular job with university students and travellers after a bit of extra cash …

Picking (25 February – 05 April)

Picking is when we harvest the fruit from the trees. Picking is done by hand, carefully so not to bruise or damage the fruit. We start picking at the beginning of March and finish mid April. This is a physical job so we recommend that you are fit and healthy if applying for this job, you will also be required to work with a ladder at times. We accept applications for picking from early January, if you are not a NZ citizen please ensure you have a working visa and passport as you will need these details to apply.

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    Orchard Development (July – November)Thinning (20th November – 20th December)Picking (25 February – 05 April)Pruning & Tree Training (April – July)

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    If you are not a New Zealand citizen you need a Work Visa. Before applying for a job with us make sure you have completed all the Visa requirements.

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